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Thrive Bodywork offers restorative and revitalizing services for performance, pleasure, and retired horses. Addie brings a knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics as well as years of hands on experience with horses to the field. 

Would your horse benefit from a session?

Does your horse prefer one rein over the other or show lateral stiffness? Do they struggle to pick up a particular canter lead? Are they lacking poll flexion or bend, or do they hold their tail to one side? Do they carry tension in their bodies and have difficulty relaxing and softening into your contact? 

Equine massage addresses many of these issues and can help your four legged friend feel and preform their best. 

Benefits of Equine & Canine Massage 

Increases circulation and blood flow

Releases tension and spasms in muscles and soft tissue

Increases range of motion 

Enhances muscle tone 

Reduces inflammation 

Releases natural pain relieving endorphins 

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